Our Experience

Over the last decade, we have worked across multiple facets of the build and construction industry therefore we understand the risks and difficulties that regularly occur. Through this experience, we have developed the TSR Process that eliminates many problems before they arise. We mitigate your risk by early intervention making your development project as seamless as possible regardless of its size.

From our early days associating with key industry influencers such as Metricon and Newland Developers, our depth of experience provides our clients with industry knowledge and foresight across all aspects of residential development.

TSR Property Solutions has built a strong reputation within the Affordable Housing sector and is now considered to be at the forefront of delivering solutions to the Affordable Housing market. A large focus is now being placed on delivering solutions to a critical problem with key stakeholders.

In addition, the founding director of TSR Property Solutions, Tamika has embarked on showcasing women within the construction and building industry through the not-for-profit organisation #Top100Women. This organisation is putting the focus on equality for women in property and construction and highlighting the influence that women are bringing into the industry.