About Us

Founded by Tamika Smith in 2016, TSR Property Solutions was created when she reconnected with a property developer needing assistance across multiple projects. The business soon expanded to include multiple services across a range of development types and now offers an end to end solution as well as the unsurpassed TSR Process.

TSR Property Solutions has built hundreds of dwellings and delivered over 100 projects and is now extending their focus into the Affordable Housing sector to provide strategy, insight and assistance to deliver outcomes in an area that is at present, heavily under serviced and in high demand.

Utilising the insights and industry knowledge from years of experience in the building and construction industry, TSR Property Solutions is providing much needed assistance and guidance to those that need it most.

Our mission is to share our knowledge and experience with our clients so that they can make better, more educated decisions.

Affordable Housing

As the need for affordable & social housing increases, TSR Property Solutions is collaborating with key stakeholders to provide both development & construction solutions to the growing market.

At TSR Property Solutions, we are prioritising this as we understand the greater problems, the demand, and the potential solutions that are required to meet the current situation.

This means going above just considering the commercial outcomes, but also considering the long term social rewards.

All with the intention to deliver housing solutions for those that require it most.